Apply As Instructor

The more you provide better courses, the more you benefitted.

It is an online platform where you can earn through your qualified course without any charge, which will make it easier to express yourself as a good instructor.

How to become a teacher

Learntale keeps a great opportunity for you to use your best skill. Here is no obligation about your course topic so you can earn money whatever you can do better. If you do your work according to our requirements, you can get the chance as one of our instructor with earning money.

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1. You must send a demo class video to our Learntales mail with your best for your approval. (where you must ensure your identity, your course identity, your experience, what will be in your course outline, type of class you take, benefits of doing/completing the course). your microphone and screen share quality will all be considered. After approving you, you will follow the Instructor rule.
2. All information needed to be known about your course topic.
3. Registration fee free for become an instructor.
4. . You can teach what you want because here topic is not restricted.
5. You have the opportunity to select your topic price in online market to discuss with the authority.
6. Earn up-to 50% money. You will keep 50% for every sale and paid monthly.
1. You must have 100% experienced in the subject that you are going to submit the course on. Then you will submit your form.
2. You must complete everything about including intro video editing, design and mail it to Learntales mail. It is mandatory to have Learntale intro video at the beginning of your intro video, Which will be provided to the students after you are confirmed as an instructor.(Learntales mail is ) Download the intro video of learntale from here...
3. You must add Learntales intro video at the beginning of your all course lectures..
4. The audio quality of your course must be excellent and the best quality software must be used for the screen record.
5. The course duration for the free courses must be more than 5 hours and your course must be more than 10 lectures.
6. For a paid course, your course duration must be more than 20 hours and your course must be a minimum of 40 lectures.
7. You will have to solve all problems related to the course of the students who will be under your course.
8. In your course forum, you have to spend 2/3 hours in a day and it must be 3/4 days in a week.
9. We will promote your course that is our responsibility and you also need to help. For the popularity and best-selling of your course, you need to share it on your own Facebook or other social media. Due to which it will also increase your popularity, which will be benefited in your future life.
10. If you have any questions about this Instructor rules, please contact us.
You will get the payment that you deserve through your Bkash, Rocket and DBBL account. Every time you earn money when a student purchases your course. You will get 50 % from every sale and it will be paid monthly.

For example, if you earn Tk 50,000 in January, then send a request to get payment in the first week of February. After sending your payment request, payment will be sent to your account within seven working days.